“I had received a recommendation for Matt from a family friend. When I looked at his site and reviews online, they were very positive, so I inquired about pricing. Not only did I get an email back from Matt, he also personally called me the same day I sent in my inquiry! He’s been very flexible, working with me on the phone since I’m planning my wedding from out of state. He’s taken time to get to know me, asking questions about what my fiancée and I have envisioned for our wedding/reception.

Throughout the whole booking and ‘interviewing’ process, Matt was professional and friendly. He knows what he’s talking about and provides guidance with planning while still being completely open to hearing what I have to say. In the end, his prices were comparable to other DJs, but he’s exhibited a higher standard of business operation and integrity. More than anything, I’ve relied on my gut instinct with Matt– I get a great feeling talking to him, and know my wedding reception will run smoothly in his capable guidance. I know it’s going to be a blast!!!” Sarah & David

“The reason we decided to book Amore DJ Entertainment is because…. after speaking with Matt, it clearly seems they have a lot of experience and is really concerned with making our day special as opposed to just making money. He has a lot of great ideas and helped me to see the importance of good, professional DJ entertainment at out wedding.” – Chelsea & Eddie

“The reason we chose Amore DJ Entertainment is because you were very professional, detail oriented and organized and you help me feel a little less stressed about everything.” – Kristen & Micah

“The reason we decided to book Matt with Amore DJ Entertainment is because of his experience and the fact that when we met with him for the fist time he made us feel comfortable that things would run smoothly throughout our ceremony and reception. We had previously met with 2 other DJs/companies before Matt and had awful experiences. We thought finding a DJ for the wedding would be easy, but were we wrong. It had been the hardest thing so far as planning the wedding went. The first DJ/company we met with hesitated when we asked if we could meet our DJ before the wedding, plus they quoted us the wrong price. The second DJ forgot about our appointment we had setup with him and then he held our meeting in his bedroom! Then, we finally met Matt. He explained everything so well, that by the end of the meeting we really didn’t have any questions. We left our meeting with a huge weight off of our shoulders and one more thing checked off the list!” – Chad & Chelsea

“The reason we decided to book Amore DJ Entertainment is because they were so well organized, confident, experienced, thorough, and ensured me that I will enjoy my wedding day as much as possible with minimal worries! They were by far the best choice for us! ” – Krista & Nick

“Matt, thank you for all your help with our wedding. We were concerned that because it was a somewhat small event of about 65 people, that it would be hard to keep everyone dancing and celebrating. Matt, you did a great job keeping things moving along and keeping the guests active.”
Robin M. (Mother of the Groom)

“Matt, we would like to let you know what a great time we had at our reception. The music was wonderful and our guests were very involved. Just what we wanted! The selection of music and the dances were very entertaining. We had such a blast and I think everyone else did too. You kept everything running smoothly. We will think of you when our 50th wedding anniversary rolls around! Thank you for taking such good care of us.”
Joe & Tonee V.

“You were very entertaining. You allotted us time, in between things to eat and get organized. You let us know ahead of time what we had to do and when. You made the day go just a little more smoothly and we greatly appreciate it. If anyone is looking for a DJ, we would be sure to drop your name. Thank you again – it was a great day!
Scott & Rachel F.

“We had a great time! Not having to worry how things were moving was a great relief – you do a great job of that! I felt your input and recommendations were very creative and really made things fun. Not just your average wedding event. You made it fun. Thank you!”
Don & Sara A.

“You did a wonderful job! You really got the crowd moving. We had a lot of compliments about you. I would recommend you anytime! Thanks again – we appreciate it!”
Rod & Christina K.

“The music selections played were great. It’s the first time we were able to talk with people while the music was playing. Matt was very professional and was willing to help us with anything we needed. Gordon and I were very pleased with the performance. Out of all the professionals we hired you were the only one who was on time and ready to go when we got there. That was the best time in our lives!
Gordon & Nancy B.

“Matt, I wanted to say a special thanks to you. You helped to make our daughter Jessie’s wedding one to remember. I had so many comments on how fun you made the reception. You had some really unique ideas that really added a lot to the fun!! Again, thanks for all you’ve done!”
Herb H. (Father of the Bride)

“Matt was great and helped me keep the other events rolling. He has a great ‘time schedule’ (ie. garter, bouquet toss, cake, etc.). We and our guests had a great time. Matt was great! He moved at the right pace and let me know when to move on to the next thing. He was also very helpful the week before the wedding. Since we lived out of town, there was a lot of last minute planning, and he was able to make it all happen!”
Rich & Tiffany M.

“We had an excellent time. He played all our requests, had a huge selection and our guests loved the DJ. He was very friendly and outgoing. He got the crowd involved. Our reception lasted longer than anticipated, and Matt continued to play as long as we wanted him to. He maintained a professional, upbeat attitude, which everyone loved. He was able to get the crowd excited and involved, which made our wedding reception fun and memorable.”
Jay & Janna L.

“Matt, thank you so much for all you have done for us! Our ceremony and reception went perfectly. You kept things running smoothly and kept our guests happy with the music and your sense of humor. I am the first of all my girlfriends to get married, but their time is quickly approaching. I will be sure to refer you to them.”
Jason & Stephanie L.

“Matt, you did an excellent job at our wedding reception. Everyone had a great time. You were more than a DJ, you helped run our entire reception! I don’t know what we would have done without you. Your format for wedding receptions took away all my worries so I could actually enjoy the reception! I wasn’t running around wondering what we were supposed to do next, all I had to do was listen to you. And your timing for everything (first dance, toast, cake, etc) was perfect! Josh and I would gladly recommend you to anyone planning a reception. As a matter of fact, three girlfriends of mine who were at my reception asked me who was my DJ. They want you for their receptions! Thanks again Matt, for the wonderful job you did!”
Josh & Shari M.

“We had a great time! Great music and organization. Matt did a great job! This definitely made the wedding! Thanks so much!”

“I had comments from everyone that you were so organized and the layout was fun and enjoyable for all ages! Matt was the best I’ve ever seen! You were fantastic. It was as if we knew you! Matt, you have a fantastic company – the customer service is unsurpassed! We wish you the best and will keep your card for all future parties!”
Robert & Colleen S.

“Your entertainment was everything you said it would be, and more! Not only were you genuinely kind and caring to our needs and wants, but also a pleasure to work with! The entire afternoon and evening were everything we had hoped it to be and you were a large part of that. You helped us keep things going, without rushing anything and were highly entertaining. Thank you so much for the large part you had in making our wedding a special day we will remember forever!”

“Thanks for all your help. My reception was very relaxing for me because you were so good!! You knew exactly what to do, and when to do it. It helped us both be able to relax and enjoy our wedding day instead of having to worry about the details. You helped make our day fantastic!!” Scott & Sandi M.

“We would like to personally thank Matt for the excellent job he did at our wedding! We’ve heard nothing but great comments regarding his work. We would highly recommend him for any engagement that requires music.”
Chris & Wendy F.

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for creating a wonderful presentation of music for our wedding reception. Our guests, as well as ourselves, extremely enjoyed the atmosphere you helped provide. I also appreciate and compliment your professionalism. You related experience knowledge in our planning and offered an overly adequate selection of music. You were undoubtably accommodating and sensitive to our needs and wants. Furthermore, I was taken by your complete follow through after this event! Thank you again Matt, and I will definitely be passing your name on to others.”
Mary I.

“We would like to thank you for running such a great show at our wedding reception. Our friends and families are still talking about how fun and enthusiastic you were. I never recognized what a huge part of the reception you made until we went to another wedding last weekend, and because of their DJ, their reception was a flop. He didn’t even try. Thanks again for all the fun and the wonderful job you did!”

“Matt is classy, and has a great taste in music. He knows what to play and when to play it. We had an enormous amount of fun!! Our guests had a great time with Matt as well and helped us to feel at east and laugh! We will recommend him and also use him again at another function!”

“You played from the moment we started until the hotel shut us down. Matt was only involved when he needed to be, otherwise, we danced. Matt really helped make sure everyone had a great time!”
Sterling & Jennifer B.

“We are writing you this letter to thank you for making our wedding reception so incredible! It was truly the happiest day of our lives. You were not only very professional, but you did a great job and keeping things exciting. You really went above and beyond when you took the initiative to find out why the cake hadn’t arrived and we thank you for that. We had numerous people come up to us and compliment you on the song selection, flow of the night and overall performance. We remember turning around and looking at the dance floor during the Hustle that you were teaching us and the large dance floor was packed. In fact, people wanted to listen and dance with you all night, they wouldn’t leave. We have been to a lot of weddings during the past two years and we believe you are truly the best DJ out there! We couldn’t be happier and highly recommend you to anyone seeking a DJ. Thanks again for making our reception PERFECT!”
Joe & Angie G.

“You did a wonderful job at my wedding! I just wanted to thank you for keeping things going and keeping the crowd involved. You could really read the crowd and the style of music they enjoyed. Everyone had a wonderful time and some were even sore the next day from so much dancing. Again, thank you for making my reception a party to always remember!”
Matt & Tallia H.

“We sincerely appreciate the WONDERFUL job you did at our wedding reception! We could not have had a better time if we had hoped, wished or prayed. Matt was the perfect DJ and knew exactly what music was needed at exactly what time. He tailored the music to fit our personalities and the personalities of our guests. Once the reception began, Matt took care of everything. All the guests were sure to remark about how great the music and DJ were. And Eric went on and on for days about how wonderful the music and DJ were and how smart I was for choosing you!”
Tracy & Eric L

“Thank you for all you did to provide top rate entertainment for our wedding reception. We received numerous compliments from guests. The Caterer said you were the best DJ she had the opportunity to work with. You are great, fun and so organized. Thank you!”
Gordon & Liddy E.

“Matt had perfect judgment of our audience. We had recent college grads and 80 year old grandmas on the dance floor all night. He added a special touch to our wedding night. I would recommend them to anyone!”
Richard & Christy F.