Our Wedding Entertainment Designer™ Process...

(What We Will and Won’t Do)


  • We will always be honest with you.
  • We will always personalize your wedding according to your wishes.
  • We will always dress in proper attire (or as specified by you).
  • We will always conduct business professionally, ethically and respectfully.
  • We will always ensure your guests feel welcome and are included, informed and entertained.
  • We will always buy and bring a physical copy of ALL OUR music to your wedding (and on a different type of media beyond just having it on a laptop for all key dances.) This is extremely important because the internet, WiFi and cell phone coverage is so often unreliable; especially in areas like Estes Park, and mountain towns!
  • We will always have back up equipment and music (on site).
  • We will arrive at your wedding early.
  • We will assist in organizing your wedding sequence of events from an logical flow and entertainment perspective paying attention to every detail.
  • We will be available to help you plan an unforgettable wedding and reception.
  • We will be personally involved in the preparation, planning and production of your wedding entertainment experience (if you wish).
  • We will follow the details as confirmed for your wedding (including music “must play” and “do not play” lists.)
  • We will give you our complete attention (we only book one wedding per day and will NEVER double book any other event on your day!)
  • We will have (and gladly provide proof) of DJ liability insurance. This is especially important now with more and more venues requiring proof of coverage upon arrival to even set up.
  • We will play the music at appropriate volume levels (inside or outside) and for cocktails, dinner and dancing.
  • We will play appropriate and proper music (including guests’ requests) but respectfully will opt to refrain from playing songs that are racial in nature, inappropriate or riddled with foul language out of respect of all guests.
  • We will gladly purchase songs not already in our massive library at no additional cost to you.
  • We will have a professional equipment presentation for your wedding. (There will NOT be any self promotion signs, cheesy 6' banners, etc at your wedding like most DJs do now - we promise!)
  • We will provide you with a complete “no surprise” price up front.


  • We won’t tell jokes on the mic, be goofy or cheesy, or try to make your wedding all about us.
  • We won’t embarrass you, your family or guests.
  • We won’t smoke, vape, drink alcohol or chew tobacco at your wedding.
  • We won't trust the success of your wedding or the flow of your day to a venue's "will it work or not work today" WiFi, internet or cell phone. We won't risk ruining key moments (ie first dance not playing when it's supposed to, or how it's supposed to, etc) or interrupting a packed dance floor trying to stream music from the cloud like 99% of local DJs do now. Your wedding is simply too important to me to take shortcuts.
  • We won't pull up a canned playlist off Spotify, Pandora or Youtube and "pretend" to DJ a wedding like others do! (We are very experienced at reading the crowd live, and will gladly take requests and play what guests are dancing to).
  • We won’t pay or accept bribes (“kick backs” or “commission”) for the referral from, or to, venues or other wedding professionals. We think that’s just wrong. (Believe it or not, this happens a lot in the wedding industry and refuse to participate! The referrals we receive, and those we freely give out, are based solely on the merit of the consistent excellent work provided.
  • We also won’t be forced (“extorted” or be “bullied”) in to only referring venues or wedding professionals who are members of a specific wedding association, club, group or clique.  We fully support your right to choose the best wedding professional(s) you feel will do the best job for you based on your budget, wishes and needs We also promise that if we don’t have expertise in an area, or don't fit within your budget, we will help you find an alternative to help you have a fantastic day.
  • We also won’t flirt with, or hit on you, your, mom, sisters, family or wedding party members. Instead, we just keep it classy!

A note from Matt...

While we are a smaller, hybrid Colorado wedding DJ entertainment company, we feel it’s important that you know we have internal standards and take them very seriously. We provide the pubic with these standards so that you can be confident and comfortable knowing your wedding is hosted by a dedicated, comprehensive wedding professional. This way, your only job is to relax and enjoy an amazingly fun wedding celebration.

Designing classy, romantic, seamless and incredibly fun wedding celebrations is our passion!