Colorado's Top DJ Entertainment

Are you looking for a classy, hip DJ? Someone who will play your music, make clear & appropriate announcements, and give you white glove service? That's what we do! You came to the right place!

Our people make the difference!

You will enjoy extraordinary customer service from Amoré. We genuinely care! We'll do what we say we will do. You will see (and feel) the difference because all the details are handled as planned.

With our Amore DJ Entertainment Wedding Design™ process, your day will seamlessly unfold into perfection.  Announcements are made with excellent timing and professionalism. The music is perfect, the dance floor is full and where smiles and memories are made! What we do is far beyond just playing music! What a memorable day! Call us today to check availability. Better yet, let’s set an appointment or chat! We’d love to hear about your vision!

As your MC/DJ Entertainer, we will take on several roles beyond just playing music. The reality is, your wedding Master of Ceremonies / DJ Entertainer IS the visible spokesperson for your wedding with every word said, every song played and how the day unfolds.

The DJ you hire is really:

...the person you are trusting to build (and maintain) the seamless sequence of events for your wedding.

...the person that is the tasteful and professional "face and personality" of your wedding.

...the very person that will represent you both to your guests in the way of your values, beliefs, likes, tastes, heritage, culture, etc.

...the very person that is presumed to create the joy, laughter, smiles and special moments (tastefully and creatively) to make your wedding truly memorable.

...the person that will make your wedding fun, personalized and awesome!

That's what Amore’ does for each and every wedding better than anyone!

Yes, we are the highly respected and tasteful DJ (“host”) for local weddings…the very person that represents you well with every word said, every song played, and the seamless flow of your day!

It's true: the decision of hiring a DJ is far more important than you realize!

As stated at a recent Wedding MBA conference: “hiring the right DJ is most critical decision a bride will make to the overall success of a wedding.”

We will take on the task of fully organizing, creating, building, then maintaining a wedding’s sequence of events beyond just music and a few announcements... then seamlessly delivering them in a professional manner that keeps guests engaged, entertained and informed. We acknowledge that responsibility. We gladly accept that responsibility.

Tell us a little more about your event. We would love to tell you more about what we can do for you.