Lighting & Décor

Photo by Mike Ferino

Lighting Create Drama

Lighting and décor is a delicate blend of aesthetic and technical creation. It can be used to create an infinite number of dramatic effects by using effective tools of varying color, intensity, shape, size, texture and contrast. These can be used to evoke a full range of moods, and emotions, from calm to excited, joy, to utter exhilaration.

No other medium can establish the mood more effectively than well done lighting and décor. Effective lighting completes a full circle of emotion and performance action to accent words, music and the movement of the day.

Weddings are Emotional Celebrations

Your wedding, whether you realize it or not, will take your guests on an emotional journey; from joy, surprise, friendship, laughter, love and hope. Your lighting and décor (working in tandem with music) should compliment these emotions to produce a one-of-a-kind wedding celebration.

Amore’ Lighting & Décor can do creative wedding lighting with things like:

  • Wedding Up-lighting
  • Accenting (highlighting fixtures, windows, sconces, special photos, table centerpiece or buffet illumination, pin-spotting the wedding cake and more)
  • Two tone accenting
  • Exterior architectural lighting
  • Ceiling lighting
  • Floor lighting
  • Color saturation of a room
  • Textured lighting
  • Multi-level / room lighting
  • Monograms “Your Name in Lights”
  • Colorwaves™
  • Colorizer™
  • Prismatics™
  • Theatrical lighting
  • Drapery
  • Special effects
  • “Dance with the Stars”™ and “Dancing on a Cloud”™ and so much more!

Envision your wedding as a series of theatrical  “scenes.”

What do you want guests to think and feel as they "engage" in that scene?

Together, we will help break down your wedding into its' emotional moments so that we can create an individual “scene” for each one, then meticulously work backwards to construct lighting, décor, design, media, and technology to compliment the audio component, this "fusion" of elegant and unique can work to create a romantic and memorable wedding WOW!

A quick thought about how lighting connects to photography and video.

Lighting IS the language of photography and video. Patterns of light convey definitive information in the same way the spoken word does with grammar and vocabulary. So, having well done lighting will enhance the photos and video.

Together, we will determine how to stitch together these key wedding moments with lighting and décor to “produce” the look and feel you to enhance your objectives. (FYI, lighting and décor prices starting as low as $150 and up to $10,000 depending on you and your vision.)