Every Couple Can Experience a Fun, Memorable Wedding By Following These 3 Tips

As the top ranked, most preferred wedding DJ in Estes Park, we love Estes Park weddings! We often take the time to sit down with couples and ask them what three words describe how they want their day to be remembered. Certainly “fun and memorable” always make the list. Always! In a moment’s time, the bride’s eyes begin to sparkle as she begins to explain her vision in full detail. Sometimes it’s described “as a day filled with lots of laughter, lots of smiles, lots of fun and lots of dancing.” To other brides, “it’s a time where friends and family members can connect and feel welcome, included and involved.” And to some, “it’s a place where we get a chance to express our uniqueness and personalities to make our wedding uniquely us.” Those are all awesome as they explain what fun and memorable mean to them! As the preferred wedding DJ in Estes Park at prestigious venues like the historic Stanley Hotel and Della Terra Mountain Chateau, Amore DJ Entertainment can promise you that regardless of the vision you have, every couple can experience a fun, memorable wedding by following these three tips:


1) First and foremost, BE IN THE MOMENT. That means relax, and have fun. Enjoy your big day. It’s not a “show,” but rather, a time where you chose to celebrate your love for one another and to specifically spend that time with the friends and family that mean the most to you. At a recent Colorado residence wedding, the bride had multiple color coded checklists and spent her wedding day running around barking orders at the caterer, photographer, DJ, florist…literally everyone non-stop. To her, the day was a “show” and not a celebration of love. She had a melt down because photos took longer than planned, which cause dinner to come out late, that snowballed from there. On the flip side, if the day is just about getting married and a piece of paper, then go to the court house. The fact is, you chose to spend it with the people you love. So, enjoy your day and have fun!

TIP: This is the big day! So, seek out and hire great people, see their process of how they will do what they say, and then trust us all to do what we do best. There are countless things happening behind the scenes you don’t know about, or why. Your job isn’t to run around with a clipboard checking everything off, but rather, to fully enjoy your day.


2) BE NOURISHED. That’s right, take time to eat! This one is huge! What generally happens: due to excitement, the couple (especially the bride) tends to skip dinner the night before, and breakfast the day of the wedding. At that point, nervousness takes over, and then she rarely eats lunch. Rational from the bridesmaids musters as she thinks she’s still got to fit in the dress still, right? The ceremony is over, post ceremony photos are done, and the grand entrance happens – yet, she still hasn’t eaten. At a recent wedding at the Estes Park Resort, from this point on, there is a steady stream of guests coming up to offer their congratulations during dinner. Yes, they are commenting to the bride about her dress, how gorgeous she looks, gawking at the ring, wanting a hug, taking a selfie photo with her, etc. At best, she has had maybe two to three bites of food in the last 24 hours, and honestly, a bite of cake doesn’t count. As Colorado’s most referred wedding DJ, we see this happen at every wedding!

TIP: Guys, your number one job your day, is to make sure she eats. Have food delivered to her and the girls as they start to get ready. Send a groomsman out to Jimmie Johns or Subway for sandwiches. Have the hotel deliver room service as a surprise. Do something. Then, after the ceremony is over but before photos are about to begin, have your caterer deliver a generous plate of “non-messy” appetizers. If your caterer can’t or won’t do that, make your own version of a “lunchable” with cheese, crackers, grapes, a granola bar, water, etc. Again, “non-messy” foods. It’s super important to have something to snack on because if stress, alcohol and dancing are added together on an empty stomach, your wedding celebration might not be as fun as we know it could be.


3) BE THE EXAMPLE. Every guest at your reception will feel (and do) exactly what you do. You are the main focus as to why everyone is there. Your guests WILL always follow suit as their cue for their involvement, enjoyment and activity (including dancing). As an example at a recent while serving as the wedding DJ at Taharaa Mountain Lodge in Estes Park, the bride put her head on the groom’s shoulder during their first dance. Everyone “felt” the love and the room “melted.” Guests will always look to where you BOTH are (physically) and asking themselves, “where should I be?” and “should I be dancing, wait, are they dancing?” Guests will also look to you mentally…. “are they in the moment?” and “are they enjoying their day?” You are the example!

TIP: Have fun and always remember, IF YOU BOTH DANCE, SO WILL YOUR GUESTS. If the bride is dancing but the groom decides to hang out on the deck or patio smoking cigars with his buddies or at the bar checking his fantasy football stats with the groomsmen (which really happened at a recent wedding at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park), it clearly sends a disjointed cue to guests. Guests feel they don’t want to be there, because you (as a couple) act like you don’t want to be there. You’re not together. You’re not having enjoying yourselves. If you leave, or guests perceive you left (due to a very long photo session like what happened at a recent wedding at the Pelican Lakes Golf Course in Windsor, or an abrupt and untimely pause during the festivities with “sunset shots” that took 40 minutes at a recent wedding at Brookside Gardens, then your guests will leave as well because they feel you left, either mentally or physically. You aren’t there and they came to see and celebrate with you.

The reality is, every couple can experience a fun, memorable wedding by following these three tips:

Be in the Moment (have fun); Be Nourished (take time to eat); and Be the Example (show guests how you want them to celebrate). For more great articles, click here.