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Whether your wedding is inside or outside, we can provide crystal clear music that all your guests can hear, without blasting them out!

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We have the latest technology for maximizing your fun! Ask about our Green Screen Technology. AAAAHHHHMAZING.

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Amore’ DJ Entertainment Provides Award-Winning Wedding Entertainment For Della Terra Weddings.

Amore’ DJ Entertainment Provides Award-Winning
Wedding Entertainment For Della Terra Weddings.

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2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

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We are in the business of making wedding day dreams come true.

Amoré DJ Entertainment specializes in Della Terra Weddings. If you have never seen Della Terra, do yourself a favor and check it out before you choose your venue. It is perfect for fun, romantic, dream-come-true weddings.

We love it because our customers love it, but also because they are friendly, flexible, easy to work with and oh so professional. They make my clients happy and that makes me happy.

Della Terra's professionals love us because we share the same value - the customer comes first. In addition, Amoré provides over 12 roles for weddings and there are never any hidden charges. You’ll get a complete price when we meet. You don’t pay for travel time, set up or tear down time. The price quote is the price we’ll stand by … even if things out of the ordinary happen.

We have cultivated a rock solid reputation for integrity, professionalism, outstanding service, and best of all - FUN PERSONALIZED WEDDINGS!

Amoré DJ Entertainment - Award Winning DJ Entertainment for Della Terra Weddings.

Call today: 970-215-2690

DJs & MCs

Weddings are very difficult to do well. A wedding always features a wide mix of ages, varying music tastes, your personal style, different beliefs, values and cultures. Weddings require a DJ with experience...

Photo Booth

Whether you want a Group Photo Booth with multiple photos in one session, a Green Screen Photo Booth with endless background options, or the elegance of the Red Carpet , Step & Repeat Photo Booth, we have it all!

Lighting & Décor

Lighting and décor is a delicate blend of aesthetic and technical creation that can be used to create an infinite number of dramatic effects. It can be used to evoke a full range of moods & emotions to compliment your vision...

Our Philosophy

Our wedding celebration philosophy is pretty simple. We believe that your Colorado wedding is a once in a lifetime event!

We have done countless weddings over the years but we will certainly commit to treating your wedding as the most important wedding we will ever do!

That means we pay attention to all the details. The day is thoroughly organized, and meticulously planned so that all the pieces seamlessly come together to deliver a flawless celebration in a manner that reflects you, your personalities, tastes, values and style.


The 5 Most Common Reasons Why Ceremonies Start Late

February 15, 2020

Let’s be honest, it’s a rarity that a wedding ceremony actually starts on time. In fact, the national average is 11 minutes late. As the top Fort Collins wedding DJ and my personal observation of over 1,500 Colorado weddings personally performed, mostly in Estes Park and northern Colorado, yes, an 11 minute delay WILL likely happen. You can set your watch by it…for real! The bigger the wedding party, the later it will start. Outside of…

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Getting a Colorado Wedding DJ Price Quote

February 14, 2020

Since Amore DJ Entertainment is the premier Colorado wedding DJ, and we don’t do “cookie cutter” weddings, then perhaps you are asking yourself: What goes into a price quote? Why do DJs charge what they do? Getting a Colorado wedding DJ price quote isn’t tough, but there are some things that have to be considered. First and foremost… This decision, to hire a Colorado wedding DJ, is about a lot more than just music. A…

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Every Couple Can Experience a Fun, Memorable Wedding By Following These 3 Tips

February 14, 2020

As the top ranked, most preferred wedding DJ in Estes Park, we love Estes Park weddings! We often take the time to sit down with couples and ask them what three words describe how they want their day to be remembered. Certainly “fun and memorable” always make the list. Always! In a moment’s time, the bride’s eyes begin to sparkle as she begins to explain her vision in full detail. Sometimes it’s described “as a…

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The 3 Most Common Reasons Guests Leave Receptions Early

February 14, 2020

Having personally performed over 1,500 weddings over the years as the most preferred wedding DJ in northern Colorado, including Amore DJ Entertainment consistently being voted the “Best DJ in Estes Park” for several years in a row, I get a chance to see lots of reasons why guests leave early. The fact is, guests came to see and celebrate with you, as the guests of honor. So, if guests take the time to get ready,…

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The Nine Most Common Sources of Stress For Today’s Bride

February 14, 2020

Planning a wedding can be stressful. It can be exhausting. It’s probably the most emotionally involving experiences in a woman’s life. Let’s face it. Magazines, Pinterest, social media and the latest reality TV shows don’t help either. These have all created the leading cause of pre-wedding anxiety with the bride-to-be’s attempt to meet a smorgasbord of unrealistic wedding expectations that have been “forced” upon her by society, media and of course, her closest friends and…

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Silverthorne Pavilion Wedding DJ Presents James and Tori’s Wedding

February 14, 2020

A wedding set in the quaint town of Silverthorne, CO is one of the most colorful places for a fall wedding in the Rocky Mountains. As the preferred wedding DJ in Silverthorne and a familiar face in Summit County, we’ve seen weddings in just about every type of configuration there. However, James and Tori added a special charm to tell their story and reflect who they are . With a perfect fall day, set along…

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3 Reasons Why Most Venues Have Brides Sign a Noise Compliance Agreement as Part of Their Contract

February 14, 2020

This is a modified transcript from a speech given by 14 time award winning Colorado wedding DJ, Matt Martindale in fall 2016. It’s very relevant to today’s brides as more and more municipalities are enforcing strict “noise ordinances” against venues, levying fines, or simply shutting down wedding receptions due to so many un-professional DJs. Every bride needs to understand the 3 reasons why most venues have brides sign a noise compliance agreement as part of…

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A money-saving way to bring more creativity into your Colorado wedding plans

February 14, 2020

A money-saving way to bring more creativity into your Colorado wedding plans is about timing. Amore’ DJ Entertainment Founder and Colorado wedding MC / DJ Matt Martindale said it simply: TIMING – the single most significant impact on your overall budget. Here are three ways to stretch your wedding budget and take advantage of timing: #1) Set your wedding date outside of peak wedding season. Peak season is May 1st to November 1st for Colorado weddings. This…

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Our Wedding Celebration Philosophy

February 14, 2020

First and foremost, congratulations on your engagement! Our wedding celebration philosophy is pretty simple. We believe your Colorado wedding is a once in a lifetime event! It’s not just a simple “party” where you decide to call over a few friends, get a drink, eat some food, put on a few songs and hang out. Your wedding is that special, once-in-a-lifetime event! It’s something that takes attention to detail, organization, meticulous planning and preparation so…

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Planning an Estes Park Wedding – Two Practical Tips

February 14, 2020

Amore’ DJ Entertainment, the Estes Park wedding DJ, embraces creativity and loves to personalize weddings! We love romantic wedding venues, like: Della Terra Mountain Chateau, the Stanley Hotel, and the Estes Park Resort. We also appreciate the rustic, fun feel of other Estes Park wedding venues like: Taharaa Mountain Lodge, Mary’s Lake Lodge and the YMCA. Each Estes Park couple is looking for something different. That’s awesome! Brides planning a wedding in Estes Park now have so many…

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posted by Amber P (updated 01/14/2019 )

I absolutely loved Matt! I couldn’t have asked for a better DJ to keep the party alive at my wedding. His attention to detail was outstanding and he really made sure that I got everything that I wanted. He really does think of everything and even gives brides really creative ideas for many different aspects of the wedding! He really listened to me and made sure that we were on the same page about everything. If you are in need of a DJ then definitely hire Matt. You will not be disappointed by any means.


posted by Julie M

Amore DJ was absolutely fantastic at my wedding! The owner Matt is the person that kept everything moving on my day when dinner was taking too long. He took the initiative and got us all back on track. The best part is that he added all those special moments from his planning book that made my wedding reflect us so that it wasn't like every other wedding you've ever been to. It was amazing! He was tasteful, professional, spoke well and played the perfect music that kept the dance floor full all night long.


posted by Amanda F

Matt is amazing! I knew he would be after our first conversation. He has great ideas to make things unique and special. Very professional, answers questions timely and really helped keep the whole reception flowing. I never knew how important a DJ was to a reception but I do now after hiring Matt. You will not be disappointed.