Getting a Colorado Wedding DJ Price Quote

Since Amore DJ Entertainment is the premier Colorado wedding DJ, and we don’t do “cookie cutter” weddings, then perhaps you are asking yourself: What goes into a price quote? Why do DJs charge what they do? Getting a Colorado wedding DJ price quote isn’t tough, but there are some things that have to be considered. First and foremost…

This decision, to hire a Colorado wedding DJ, is about a lot more than just music. A lot more. Your hired wedding MC/DJ is both the actual face, and personality, of your wedding. The person presumed to be responsible for everything (from your guest’s perspective.) It’s also about the specific roles being taken on whether they know or not. This person you hire that must have extensive wedding experience, proven organizational skills, professional demeanor and the creativity to make your wedding distinctly you; all while seamlessly fulfilling your specific vision.

The truth is, EVERY wedding is a series of special moments carefully crafted that we personalize to each couple we work with. We know what guests will feel, and how to lead them on a series of emotional journeys, from the introduction, dinner, toast, cake, first dance, bouquet toss and so many more! That’s precisely what makes our wedding days so memorable, unique and amazingly fun…with over 700 original ideas just to do that!

A wedding day’s determined price isn’t about lighting or fancy, flashy gear, some guy in a tuxedo and top hot or just number of hours and a date. That’s the last consideration. Those can simply enhance it, but none of those “make” your wedding memorable. Some of the most amazing weddings we’ve ever performed were with no lighting or “flashy” stuff at all. There are three main considerations when looking at hiring a wedding DJ:

Wedding DJ Price Quote Consideration #1

First and foremost, it’s season and availability. It’s kind of like booking a hotel or flight during Thanksgiving or Christmas. It’s the same with Colorado weddings….a Saturday, April through October is at a premium, peak season if you will; especially with mountain weddings. This is because that’s when other brides also are getting married. Add in holiday weekends, like Memorial Day, Labor Day and the 4th of July, and those weekends are also extremely popular – often filling a 12 to 18 months in advance.

Another secret…is date. In 2017, for example, any Friday, Saturday or Sunday with, or around a “17” will also be very popular; especially if it’s a Saturday. Dates like Friday, February 17th; Saturday, June 17th; Sunday, September 17th and Friday, November 17th are booking fast. It’s about “date popularity” and the same with dates in the past, like 9/10/11; 12/13/14; 11/11/11.

Think about it this way…our supply (available weekend dates, with limited DJs to book across the State), is scarce. Demand for the high quality and personalized services offered by Amore DJ Entertainment is extremely popular.

So, yes, day of the week and season make a huge difference – just like it would in the hotel or airline industry. A flight in July at midnight to Omaha will cost less than a flight Thanksgiving morning to New York at 9am.

Consider, a wedding on a Monday or even Thursday. This will be the same for the venue providing the same basic experience, but considerably cheaper because there is less overall demand for that day of the week. Maybe consider a morning wedding. Then, also consider the season. A wedding say, on a Monday in February, has even less demand.

Yes! As the preferred wedding wedding MC and DJ in Estes Park, Denver, Colorado Springs and throughout the mountain areas in Colorado, we do a ton of weekday weddings! Most venues and other wedding vendors will also do a considerable price concession too. Sometimes parents, who are old fashion, will pressure brides into believing “nobody will come” if it’s on a weekday. That’s simply not true! The reality is, the people that really want to be there, WILL be there regardless of the day or time.

As an example, one of our recent Brookside Gardens’ brides inquired and was debating between a Monday and a Saturday. It was for identical services , same season (July versus September), and the savings was over $2,300 between the venue and our services. She figured that covers her bar bill, and some of her honeymoon.

Wedding DJ Price Quote Consideration #2

Next, we have, your wedding MC/DJ’s role, what we’re doing, what’s involved, and how long. This directly ties into the amount of preparation, and what needs to be done in the weeks and months leading up to, and then even during, the actual celebration. Last night at a wedding I personally performed, a Larkspur area wedding venue owner at Spruce Mountain Ranch (who normally requires brides to hire a wedding planner) repeatedly said that what we do as the Master of Ceremonies to build and maintain the seamless sequence events is far beyond just music and easily surpasses what most “day of” wedding coordinators do. Yep.

Our exclusive view here at Amore’ DJ Entertainment is from an “entertainment flow perspective;” which is a detailed and fully comprehensive understanding of how your guests will experience your wedding from their perspective the moment they arrive, to your last dance. It’s not about sticking to a rigid timeline and checking off a box, but rather, the seamless things that need to occur behind the scenes with direct communication to the catering staff, photographer, etc at the moment it’s unfolding. What Amore DJ Entertainment does in providing the very best wedding lighting and clearest sound of the Rockies, isn’t just about playing music and making an announcement like other Colorado Disc Jockeys do.

With over 1,500 weddings personally performed, I know by the end of a wedding entertainment planning appointment, precisely which wedding package will meet our bride’s needs. It’s because I took the time to meet with them. To get to hear her vision. (Truth be told, it’s rarely an expensive, “flashy” package. It’s about what’s right for the bride, and her vision.)

It’s also why, as owner of the best Colorado sound and wedding lighting DJ company in the area, my personal prep time for nearly every wedding is about 52 hours of detailed, documented prep (no matter how simple a bride says her wedding will be) before we even arrive. Yes, we are meticulous, almost fanatical, about the preparation so that when the day unfolds, everything is seamless, smooth, flawless, memorable and amazingly fun!

So, when a bride asks for, expects or wants to match a lower price, the reality is, for a lower price, I’m not sure how to lessen the price without compromising the high quality and tremendous value we provide in the weeks and months leading up to the wedding from an entertainment flow perspective. Brides continue to comment that it’s like we serve as a Colorado wedding day of coordinator to implement the seamless sequence of events far beyond just music; a great Colorado wedding DJ and master of ceremonies to read the crowd, play great music and be tastefully involved. Yes – exactly!

Do we partially prepare like other wedding Dee Jays that then leave guests standing in the room bored with no clue what’s going on because they chose not prepare? Or worse yet, don’t really care? No. We can’t, nor will not, do that. Amore DJ Entertainment has the reputation for consistent, flawless, excellent results based on our commitment to meticulous preparation.

We don’t just load up, show up, then try to download key music on site, fumble through names, or flirt with bridesmaids, etc. Never! Other Colorado DJs do. Believe me, we hear the stories in our appointments. We fully check and prepare primary gear, secondary gear, two sets of music, rehearse, practice names, and polish every element specific of your wedding well before the day even occurs so that when we are there, we can be focused on you so everything flows smoothly. We are 100% committed to your wedding and want to reflect extremely well on you!

Wedding DJ Price Quote Consideration #3

Pricing then has to consider the DJs’ proven experience for weddings (which is easy to prove based on their competency in conversation.) Yes! It’s about THE person performing that day and not the company. Hint: if a Disc Jockey first talks about how many years he’s been doing weddings it’s a red flag. The truth is, some guys only do 6 to 15 weddings per year. Some guys blurt out a price or brags about gear, promotes a huge music library and then his speaker size, then…frankly, he’s probably not all that experienced at weddings. He’s likely deferring to years, price and gear because he cares about the money, and really not about you or the most important day of your life.

The real question is… did he take the time to meet you in person? Did he ask you about your big day? How about your vision and what’s important to you, and why? After meeting with Amore’ DJ Entertainment, you’ll see why we are the elite DJ company that continues to be Colorado’s preferred wedding DJ across Colorado over and over.