Looking for Fun Ideas to Keep Wedding Guests Cool in the Summer?

Have a summer Colorado wedding at Lone Hawk Farm, or Deer Creek Valley Ranch? Looking for fun ideas for keeping wedding guests cool in the summer? With six weddings the last 10 days and in 95+ heat, wedding guests were miserable outside complaining to me (as the wedding MC) non-stop. Guests didn’t have a tent, shade or air conditioning. It was hot. Very hot!

So, as the preferred wedding MC and DJ in Colorado, here’s a really cool idea I’ve bounced past a few caterers and they love it. Just cool it!

When summer is in full swing, what’s more satisfying on a hot day than a fun, fruity frozen treat? We’ve been suggesting a new, fun trend for Colorado summer weddings the last couple of years. These work great for early fall weddings when the weather is still hot. How about treating guests to a gourmet popsicle? It can be a simple, all natural, juice single serving juice popsicle ready in a plastic cup available right after the ceremony, or, even can be made available before the ceremony. We just love seeing the cool, super creative flavors now Colorado Wedding DJ Lone Hawk Farm Top Popsavailable, like Cucumber, Elderflower & Tequila, Watermelon Mint Julep, kiwi Clementine, chilled chai and so many others. For simple juice ones, try visiting Whole Foods, Sprouts or a Vitamin Cottage. For creative and flavorful ideas, tell your caterer to buy the book “Top Pops: 55 All-Natural Frozen Treats to Make at Home” by Emily Zaiden. It’s fantastic!

That’s what we do! We think creatively. We think out of the box!