Our Wedding Celebration Philosophy

First and foremost, congratulations on your engagement!

Our wedding celebration philosophy is pretty simple. We believe your Colorado wedding is a once in a lifetime event! It’s not just a simple “party” where you decide to call over a few friends, get a drink, eat some food, put on a few songs and hang out. Your wedding is that special, once-in-a-lifetime event! It’s something that takes attention to detail, organization, meticulous planning and preparation so that all the pieces seamlessly come together (by design), then are delivered flawlessly at the right time and tempo in a manner that reflects you, your personalities, tastes, values and style…all in an entertaining way.

Your wedding, whether you realize it or not, will bring your guests on an emotional journey, from joy, surprise, friendship, laughter, love and hope. We understand that your wedding day is THE representation of who you are as a couple to your friends and family…whether classy, unique, romantic, organized, fun…or not at all. Likewise, each wedding professional you hire is also a representation of you to your guests; whether that person (or business) is friendly, professional, charming, engaging, experienced, organized, creative, and fun…or cheesy, unprofessional, inexperienced or drunk. (Here’s a few video clips of other DJs in action and how the “represent” their newlyweds. All I can say is “OUCH!”)

Your wedding MC/DJ Entertainer, will be assumed to take on several roles beyond far more than just music, whether they know it or not. The reality is, your wedding MC/DJ Entertainer is the visible spokesperson for your wedding (the host), and thereby, the person guests assume to be “responsible” for crafting the comprehensive entertainment experience for everyone from the moment they arrive, to your last dance. Because of this assumption, your wedding MC/DJ Entertainer is presumed to take on the task of fully organizing, creating, building, then maintaining a wedding’s full sequence of events and seamlessly delivering it all in a professional manner that keeps everyone engaged, entertained and informed. We acknowledge that responsibility. We gladly accept that responsibility… and the reason why we specifically created our “Wedding Entertainment Design™” process and both the Amore’ Reception Confirmation “kit” and the Amore’ Ceremony Confirmation “kit.”

Just wait until you see it when we meet!

The Amore’ DJ Entertainment Wedding Entertainment Design™ process is continually improved and reworked every year to add in fresh and creative ideas newly developed for our weddings and account for new and hot emerging trends, and a smattering of helpful hints and tips coming from our many years of direct wedding experience. Our process is specifically designed to help you create your very own fun, personalized, comprehensive wedding entertainment experience for you, your family and guests.

So, our wedding celebration entertainment philosophy is pretty simple. We create, then organize amazingly fun, smooth flowing, custom crafted Colorado wedding celebrations, from start to end, while ensuring your needs, wants, tastes, values, heritage, culture and personal wedding style come through in the most unique, creative and tasteful manner! We promise, your wedding will uniquely represent you, your dreams, wishes and desires sure to make guests saying, “WOW! That wedding was so much fun!” and “that wedding was SO them!”

That’s what we do!

We make weddings fun!
We make weddings unique and personalized!
We make weddings smooth flowing and seamless!

I would love to hear more about your vision for your day.

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