The Quality of the Photos and the Quality of the Prints Reflects on You

Our photo printers produce true, professional photo lab quality prints. Our photos are often referenced to as “archival quality” photos that are guaranteed not to smear, smudge or fade. Our prints are also printed on the highest quality, heavy weight photo media, not the typical cheap, or flimsy, paper often used. (Our philosophy is contrary to the current standard of using cheap printers and the cheapest media to ensure the lowest “price per print cost.” Rather, we want the highest quality prints to reflect well on you, your wedding and the overall experience to your guests. We want to represent excellence in the hands of the customer with high quality prints guaranteed not to smudge, smear or fade. We want the print to feel like and look like a real, high quality photo…because it is!

In fact, data shows that guests keep our event photos an average of 26 months on their refrigerator, desk or dresser from our weddings we are part of. This is their daily visible reminder of the quality, fun time they had remembered well after the event. WOW!

The sheer importance of this seemingly innocuous take-away gift, a high quality photo, and the manner in which we “present” it to guests in a protective sleeve, absolutely reflects very well on you…and we want to make YOU look good and your wedding remembered!