A money-saving way to bring more creativity into your Colorado wedding plans

A money-saving way to bring more creativity into your Colorado wedding plans is about timing.

Amore’ DJ Entertainment Founder and Colorado wedding MC / DJ Matt Martindale said it simply:

TIMING – the single most significant impact on your overall budget.

Here are three ways to stretch your wedding budget and take advantage of timing:

#1) Set your wedding date outside of peak wedding season.

Peak season is May 1st to November 1st for Colorado weddings. This is the single most cost effective wedding planning tip to help stretch your wedding budget. (Weddings held in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains, like: Estes Park, Vail and Silverthorne, are in premium demand Labor Day through the third weekend in October during the fall.)

Still looking for a fall Colorado wedding? Perhaps consider a post Thanksgiving wedding date, but still held before Christmas. Doing this allows just enough time for your venue to get their Christmas décor up, yet leaves you time to see and celebrate with family and friends for the holidays.

This also wisely frees up some of your décor budget by leveraging the venue’s festive décor on your behalf.

Looking for a spring  Colorado wedding? April may also be a perfect month for weather as the first spring flowers add a splash of budding color…all at about 2/3 the price of a normal Colorado summer weekend wedding.

#2) Set your wedding on a different day of the week.

If you haven’t set a date, consider a different day of the week too. Colorado weekday weddings are extremely popular. Think about a Monday or Thursday Colorado mountain wedding at venues like Della Terra Mountain Chateau.

Even if your wedding is during prime wedding season (May 1st to November 1st), even switching the day can make a huge difference on your budget…as much as half off with some venues and vendors!

#3) Set your wedding at a different time during the day.

Colorado morning weddings with a glorious brunch are very popular now; and at often a fraction of the cost.

That’s right! Savvy brides that love a Colorado wedding venue, location or amenities, but wants to stretch her budget a little further to creatively personalize her day, pamper guests or get specific vendors she really wants but couldn’t otherwise afford is easy. Look at timing…the date, time, season or month.

As the Colorado Wedding DJ expert, a question we get asked a lot…

“Does the season and day really matter in the scope of things to guests?”

Honestly, not really. In the end, the guests that truly want to be there on your day, will be; regardless of the time, season or day of the week.

So, let’s…

Make a statement or tell your story.
Showcase your own style.
Brand your wedding.
CREATE memories together!